Bank History

The Bank of Denton was established on August 27, 1894, with a capital of $6,000.00.  There were fourteen stockholders: Wm M Gillen, J.F. Harpster, Seward McConnel, Dr. Robert Stewart, S.J. Denton, Jacob Denton, L .H. Priester, S.O. Harpster, George Denton, Wm.  Denton,  James Miller, John Small, W.H. Dorn and James B. Roberts.

Mr. Harpster was cashier when the charter was granted.  The first exam was conducted by the office of the State Bank Commission on October 1, 1894 by examiner, Waterman.  By 1906, capital had grown to $15,600.00. 

The Bank weathered four panics, 1907, 1913 and the 20’s and 30’s.  In 1907 the bank could only get $10 a week per person.  Cashier G.A. Roberts would go by train to St. Joseph to retrieve the money.  The Bank sold loans to American Bank in St Joseph to get operating capital during the depression.

Machines came into the bank in 1918, eliminating a lot of hand posting. 

The Roberts family has had an interest in The Bank of Denton since its charter was granted.  G.A. Roberts, son of  James B Roberts, an original stockholder,  began his career in the bank on April 6, 1904. The Bank had assets of $48,507.25 at that time.   He became  president in 1920.  During G.A.’s reign the assets grew to $883,000 in 1954.  His son, Thomas J. Roberts, began employment at the bank in 1946, after serving in the marines.  He worked alongside his father, G.A., until G.A. retired in 1955. Thomas J. became president in 1972 and worked alongside his son, Paul W. Roberts, who began employment at the Bank in 1974 after serving in the navy.  Thomas remained president until March 6, 2009 when the position was transferred to his son, Paul W. Roberts.  Paul remains president at present day. 
Thomas retired in 2013 with an outstanding career in the bank spanning 67 years.  Other employees of The Bank of Denton that had lasting careers were Connie Burke with 60 years , Alida Kessler with 59 years and Alberta Jones with 36 years.

The Bank of Denton remains a strong financial institution serving the Denton and area communities for over 120 years.